Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Wages And Benefits For Professionals In The Sales Profession

Wages And Benefits For Professionals In The Sales Profession by Roger Dursley

One of the most common first jobs for university graduates throughout the United Kingdom and Europe is in the sales profession. Whether it is working as a customer service representative at a call center or working field sales, jobs in the sales profession provide great experiences and a refinement of professional tools before delving into their career. For some graduates and young professionals, however, a temporary job in sales turns into a career when they realize they are good at their job and want to make it their permanent job. Graduates should understand the typically wages and benefits for sales professionals before committing to sales as a career.

For entry level sales professionals, wages typically range from 18,000 to 22,000 pounds for the first year. However, sales professionals can expect to receive a variety of incentives and benefits that offset the low average starting salary. Monthly, quarterly, and annual performance incentives are often given to exceptional sales people and to those who improve steadily over the incentive period. As well, sales professionals typically receive health, dental, and vision benefits that keep them healthy and in the workplace. Finally, sales professionals will often receive perks like paid annual leave, deep discounts through vendors, and optional high yield savings accounts.

Sales professionals looking to maximize their financial benefits and career options in the sales field should work through ITS European. This agency, operating since 1992 out of southeastern England, has expanded from a regional sales and IT recruiter to a long list of international companies from the European continent. ITS European goes the extra mile for their sales recruits by holding one-on-one sessions with applicants in order to assess their short and long term goals. Based on this information, and an applicant’s skills, the agency can make the right connection between employers and companies.

ITS European works with its corporate clients in order to meet the financial and professional goals of their recruits. The agency works with its corporate clients in order to develop recruiting campaigns that attract exceptional sales professionals. These campaigns often feature a promotion of a company’s wage and benefits packages to attract the best and brightest sales people from throughout the United Kingdom. As well, ITS European consults with hiring managers and sales executives in order to develop a better workplace environment for new recruits. By developing better business plans, the agency can ensure a more efficient sales process for recruits and managers.

Roger Dursley, Managing Director of iTS European, the leader provider of IT jobs.

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