Thursday, December 13, 2007

Web Development Jobs In The United Kingdom And Europe

Web Development Jobs In The United Kingdom And Europe by Roger Dursley

The need for qualified web developers and other talented IT professionals is increasing throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Even the smallest firms and companies are creating a presence on the Internet, which requires the considerable talents of an IT professional. Sales departments at companies throughout the European continent place their services and goods on the web so that consumers can comparison shop. Banks and financial services companies need web sites to be functioning at peak efficiency because customers rely on companies to provide account management and information about services valuable to them. IT vendors need to use web sites to demonstrate their web design services and provide online customer service. In all, the web development field is fertile for talented IT professionals.

The problem for IT professionals and graduates interested in the web development field is not the amount of jobs available but finding the best jobs for them. Web development positions are plentiful but not every position is created equally. Some professionals may enjoy working in a small IT vendor that is looking to expand its web site and add videos to their various Internet sites. Other professionals may want to work in teams at a large corporation that offer specialized positions for exceptional web developers. Web developers and web development graduates need to consider working with a recruiter to find their ideal job. ITS European can help any recruit fulfill their goal of becoming a web development professional.

While ITS European’s expertise lies largely in recruiting web development professionals, they also provide extensive services to companies and recruits alike. A banking graduate or a young IT professional looking for a web development job throughout the United Kingdom may come across ITS European at their many job fairs. Universities, activity halls, and other centers throughout the United Kingdom host ITS European recruiting fairs meant to attract a variety of exceptional professionals to fulfill web development needs.

ITS European not only creates specialized recruiting campaigns meant to attract talented web development professionals but they provide consultant services to a variety of companies in industries throughout Europe. The consultant services not only help corporations to improve their business but improve the workplace environment for web developers and other professionals. The agency’s staff looks at the current performance, business plans, and infrastructure of a business before providing suggestions on how to improve the bottom line. For professionals and companies alike, using ITS European is extremely beneficial.

Roger Dursley, Managing Director of iTS European, the leader provider of IT jobs.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Recruiting for Sales Excellence

Recruiting for Sales Excellence by Scott Deane

If your company or corporation is tired of trying to fill your graduate sales jobs and you just can’t seem to find high caliber candidates you are not alone. Many times companies simply cannot put enough time or effort into their recruitment so they end up with less than satisfying candidates. This often leads to a shortage of sales graduate jobs being filled or jobs only being filled for a short period of time as turn over will be high. There is a way to hire the right sales professionals and even increase your sales performance as a company. When you have the right people in place you can easily grow you company, of any size and any industry, to unlimited heights.

Recruiting can be difficult, there is no doubt about it and that is where Meta Morphose comes in. Meta Morphose specializes in being able to find top notch candidates that have the right attitude to undertake some sales training and become the most successful sales professionals out there today. Many of these people are sales graduates and other people do not have a degree but have relevant experience. Recruiting for sales excellence is not all about a diploma or a lot of experience, Meta Morphose believes that it is all about attitude. Candidates that have a great attitude and use that attitude to succeed are the people that we are looking for.

With a bit of Meta Morphose training we can turn these people into the high caliber sales professionals that every company or corporation is looking for. We can help increase the sales performance with these high caliber candidates in many industries including agriculture, finance, IT, banking, food and beverage, and more. Whatever your business is about you should be filling your sales graduate jobs with people like this and Meta Morphose can help you do just that. We have filled many positions just like the ones that you have available in your corporation right now with our people who are still happily and successfully holding down graduate field sales positions as well as business to business sales roles.

Meta Morphose can help every corporation learn how to hire for sales excellence and it starts with hiring top notch candidates, such as the ones that we have on board, as well as following through with sales training. We can offer sales training solutions for every company to ensure that their top notch candidates work together to increase sales performance long term.

Scott Deane is the Managing Director of meta morphose International, the leader providers of sales jobs.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How We Provide Sales Solutions

How We Provide Sales Solutions by Scott Deane

In the 21st century, businesses that want to distinguish themselves from the competition need to develop dynamic sales processes. From sales leads through documentation of major sales to businesses and individuals, companies need to use efficient processes and technologically current systems to keep customer information and avoid the headaches caused by inefficiency. However, businesses big and small may not be aware of all of the sales solutions that are available to them and they may resort to more cumbersome sales techniques. Sales managers and others interested in improving their company’s sales should consult with MetaMorphose, one of the leading sales solutions providers in the United Kingdom.

MetaMorphose has been in the recruiting and sales consultancy business for the last twelve years and has helped hundreds of businesses improve their sales performance. The experienced sales coaches, trainers, and analysts at MetaMorphose take a look at individual business sales needs and put sales performance in perspective with competing businesses. MetaMorphose’s experienced sales consultants first assess the standards by which businesses assess their sales performance. As well, these sales consultants meet with sales managers and executives to determine organizational processes, documentation, and other business systems that are needed to ensure the success of a company. After determining need areas and new processes that are lacking in a particular business, the agency’s sales consultants provide a plan of action for sales professionals to undertake in order to improve sales performance for the long term.

While sales consultancy is an important aspect of improving sales performance, MetaMorphose also provides top notch graduate recruitment for businesses throughout the United Kingdom. Companies looking for temporary and permanent sales staff should work with MetaMorphose to find talented graduates who are committed to excellence in their first professional job. While many recruiting agencies search for sales professionals with experience and the perfect CV, MetaMorphose goes an extra step to look for recruits with exceptional interpersonal skills. The agency recruits sales graduates who have little experience but are intelligent, confident, hard working, and have a great attitude.

MetaMorphose recruiters and trainers believe that with these important skills, graduates can be trained to be great sales people from the first day of work through retirement. Experienced trainers and sales consultants provide hands-on training to graduates in order to give them the skills needed to become successful in sales. As well, MetaMorphose provides ongoing professional development courses to keep sales people updated on the newest sales and organizational techniques. Companies that are interested in improving sales performance and keeping ahead of trends in sales solutions should work with MetaMorphose.

Scott Deane is the Managing Director of meta morphose International, the leader providers of sales jobs.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Are You A Sales Person?

Are You A Sales Person? by Scott Deane

There are many personal characteristics that make graduates and young professionals able to work in the sales profession. A great attitude is one of the most important skills needed in sales because working the phones or pounding the pavement can mean long hours and hard work. Graduates with a good demeanor can often work through sales slumps and develop confidence in their skills. Communication skills are paramount for successful sales people, especially the ability to take complex ideas about a product and make them easy to understand for consumers. Another important skill for sales people is a strong work ethic and the ability to relentlessly go for the next sale even if they are in a sales slump.

If graduates feel that they have these skills and are unsure what they are doing in their professional life, working as a sales person may be a great career move for them. However, finding the right position may be tough for graduates who aren’t fully aware of the sales profession or major hiring companies in the United Kingdom. MetaMorphose, one of the best recruiting agencies in the United Kingdom, can help graduates find their ideal sales position.

MetaMorphose has been in the recruiting business for twelve years and have been particularly active in recruiting young graduates for sales positions in all industries. Whether it is media sales or financial services, MetaMorphose has a variety of connections that will help graduates find their ideal job. Graduates who apply through MetaMorphose go through an application and assessment process that is meant to find only the most promising graduates in the United Kingdom. While graduates may feel that they won’t make the cut because of inexperience, MetaMorphose looks for important interpersonal skills like attitude and intelligence.

MetaMorphose provides training to inexperienced but talented graduates in order to get them ready for a career in sales. Sales simulations, informational sessions on business communications, and a variety of other teaching methods are facilitated by experienced job trainers. While these training sessions get graduates ready for their first day on the job, MetaMorphose is committed to the continued success of professionals throughout their entire career. Sales graduate professionals are offered professional development sessions during their first few years on the job to keep them updated on sales techniques and tools to succeed on their jobs. Graduates who want to find their ideal sales job and develop important professional skills in the process should consult with MetaMorphose.

Scott Deane is the Managing Director of meta morphose International, the leader in graduate sales training.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Improving Your Chances Of Finding A Business to Business Position

Improving Your Chances Of Finding A Business to Business Position by Scott Deane

For sales graduates throughout the United Kingdom, finding the right career path in the sales profession can be difficult. With so many different career paths and industries to pursue, sales graduates are often left choosing the first job offer they receive in order to have a steady wage. However, sales graduates should consider the booming job market in business to business (B2B) sales. Essentially, business to business sales connects companies that provide specialized services to other businesses that require contracted services. An example of B2B sales is when construction companies provide commercial expansion services to manufacturing companies. While there are plenty of positions available throughout the United Kingdom for B2B sales professionals, the competition is always increasing with the annual group of talented sales graduates. In order to distinguish themselves from the competition, sales graduates should consider working with MetaMorphose in order to find their dream B2B job.

Before working with MetaMorphose, sales graduates should understand a few keys to success in the business to business sales profession. B2B sales professionals work long hours in order to improve their sales performance and keep customers happy. Sales graduates need to have a strong work ethic and commitment to excellence in order to succeed in B2B sales. As well, confidence in one’s sales skills and abilities is important in B2B sales. Unlike field sales, where sales people deal with consumers, B2B sales positions require a sales graduate to act professionally and know their company’s products inside and out in order to make a sale. Without confidence in their skills, B2B sales professionals cannot make big sales to colleagues in other companies.

MetaMorphose has been connecting great employers with talented sales graduates for the last twelve years. The connections that the agency has with businesses big and small throughout the region is unparalleled in the recruiting industry. However, MetaMorphose’s reputation has been made by the high quality staffing solutions they provide businesses. Sales graduates should understand that apply, training, and working through MetaMorphose is a multilevel process which will prove their mettle and professionalism. Sales graduates are first put through a rigorous application and assessment process, in which MetaMorphose’s experienced recruiters find sales graduates with the intangible tools needed for success. Sales graduates who have a great attitude, strong work ethic, and professionalism advance to the MetaMorphose training program. After learning about resource optimization, organization, and dozens of other important tools, recruits are placed in B2B sales positions.

Scott Deane is the Managing Director of meta morphose International, the leader in sales training.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What Does A Sales Professionals Need To Know About Information Technology?

What Does A Sales Professionals Need To Know About Information Technology? by Roger Dursley

Sales professionals just breaking into their careers may not be aware of the daily influence that information technology has on their job. After all, salespeople and managers are so focused on meeting their quotas that they don’t concern themselves with the tools of their job. However, information technology is pervasive in the sales field as companies turn toward more efficient business processes. Sales people need to use a variety of computer software programs in order to keep track of client contact information and sales figures. As well, sales professionals often use hand held PDAs and cellular phones in order to stay in touch with their colleagues and supervisors while in the field.

Graduates and young professionals breaking into the sales profession need to understand how deeply information technology reaches into their career. By simply reading job descriptions and going to job interviews, these professionals are missing out on the level of office technology used by a potential employer. Professionals interested in receiving detailed information about potential employers should consider using a job recruiting agency. One of the best in Europe is ITS European, which has been providing IT recruiting for end users and vendors alike for the last 15 years.

ITS European looks for a specific type of sales person to meet individual client needs. Sales professionals need to have good communication skills and the ability to work on multiple projects within the same day. The agency also looks for potential sales workers who demonstrate a commitment to the profession and have a versatile personality that allows them to deal with a diverse group of clients. Finally, the agency’s experienced recruiters have a keen eye for professionals who are technically savvy. In the modern workplace, sales people need to have at least basic computer skills in order to succeed.

ITS European works with both its recruits and clients in order to meet their specific needs. The specific recruiting campaigns that ITS European has created over its 15 years in business have meant a better connection between sales people and companies. These campaigns are common at universities and assembly halls, with agency recruiters meeting with potential workers face to face and providing an assessment of their skills within minutes. ITS European also provides consultancy services to their corporate clients in order to help them assess their technological and human resources needs. Consultations can help companies assess their sales goals, their hiring needs, and their overall business plan.

Roger Dursley, Managing Director of iTS European, the leader provider of IT jobs.

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Friday, October 13, 2006

How We Help Improve Sales Performance

How We Help Improve Sales Performance by Scott Deane

The most important factor in separating businesses that fail and businesses that succeed is sales performance. Companies that are able to get repeat customers, tap into untouched consumer markets, and maintain a positive label name go from local to international in a hurry. However, it can be tough for sales managers and executives in the thick of the competitive sales profession to determine the best course of action to improve sales performance. While many companies hire efficiency experts and sale analysts to work on a contract or permanent basis in house, executives that seek independent and outside sales analysis are the ones that are most successful in improving sales performance. One of the best business-to-business sales consultancy agencies in the United Kingdom is MetaMorphose International, with over twelve years of staffing and consultancy experience under their belt.

MetaMorphose works with sales staff from sales graduates through sales executives to determine the best approach for an individual business. MetaMorphose analysts and sales consultants don’t simply assess pieces of the sales performance puzzle but help put it together for determined sales staffs throughout the United Kingdom. Analysts start with the chain of authority within the company, current sales techniques and documentation processes in order to determine the current efficiency of the company’s sales department. From there, MetaMorphose helps devise a comprehensive plan to meet the short and long term needs of a particular company. If it is a publishing firm, MetaMorphose would work to create a sales system that helped organize short term projects, like book tours, and long term projects, like a series of novels that need to be released over several years. From increasing sales leads to documenting customer information to ensure easy contact, MetaMorphose assesses weakness in sales performance and has a track record of success in helping businesses big and small.

While business to business sales consultancy is one aspect of MetaMorphose’s approach to improving sales performance, providing great sales graduates for its contracting companies can go a long way toward improving customer service. MetaMorphose recruiters take a unique approach to placing sales graduates, with a focus on inexperienced but talented graduates with a great attitude and a strong work ethic. The extensive training program that MetaMorphose runs for its recruits prepares sales graduates to improve a company’s sales performance from day one. As well, sales graduates and young sales professionals are given ongoing professional development courses and coaching to help them continue to improve business to business sales for their employer.

Scott Deane is the Managing Director of meta morphose International, the leader in graduate sales training.

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