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Understanding Wages And Benefits Of Banking Jobs

Understanding Wages And Benefits Of Banking Jobs by Roger Dursley

For professionals in the banking and financial industry, one of the motivating factors to choose it as a career is the excellent wages and benefits provided at the entry level. Entry level financial planners and bankers typically start out between 20,000 and 25,000 pounds for their first year of work, which is competitive with most other entry level, white collar positions. These entry level professionals also receive extensive health and dental benefits, which are an investment by banks and planning companies in a reliable work force. Finally, banking professionals often receive commissions and incentives based on their performance and the bank’s overall performance in the marketplace.

However, finding the right job that balances job satisfaction with financial benefits can be tough. Even the most skilled banking professional or banking graduate can have a difficult time finding their dream job. The most common problem for these professionals is that they rely on finding jobs on their own, without the assistance of professional recruiters or job coaches. While some banking professionals are successful at finding jobs on their own, many become frustrated and settle in jobs that they don’t particularly care for. Banking professionals should consider finding their dream job through a recruiting agency like ITS Professional, one of the finest recruiting agencies in Europe.

ITS European has been working with IT, banking, and sales professionals to find their dream job since 1992. In some cases, ITS European’s experienced recruiters set up young professionals with temporary banking jobs in order to help them build a better CV. In other cases, professionals of all experiences are deemed qualified to move onto permanent jobs where they can use their exceptional skills to help out major European clients. ITS European goes beyond what other recruiting agencies do for their clients by assessing an applicant’s short and long term goals before placing them in their dream job.

ITS European works hard for its recruits and its corporate clients. While the recruiting efforts of the agency are devoted to meeting a recruit’s goals, their consultancy and specialized services help out corporations. Major banks, financial planning companies, and other financial agencies can work with ITS European recruiters to develop direct recruiting campaigns to go after exceptional professionals with specific skills. As well, the agency’s extensive consultancy services can help a financial company become more successful and deal with more clients down the road. In all, ITS European works with both clients and recruits to meet their respective goals.

Roger Dursley, Managing Director of iTS European, the leader provider of IT jobs.

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