Thursday, July 13, 2006

B2B Sale Consultancy

B2B Sale Consultancy by Scott Deane

For businesses big and small throughout the United Kingdom, there is often a need for independent outside help towards improved business to business (B2B) sales performance. While businesses may take it upon themselves to remedy their sales performance and market problems, B2B sales consultancy is far too time intensive and expensive for companies to rely on this method.There are a variety of recruiting and sales consultancy agencies throughout the United Kingdom that offer B2B sales consultancy services. However, there are few agencies that can match up to the services and experience of MetaMorphose International. MetaMorphose has been in the B2B sales consultancy business for the last twelve years and have many success stories across industries throughout the United Kingdom. While other agencies only work with bits and pieces of businesses to improve sales performance, MetaMorphose looks at the entire business to figure out long term sales solutions.

MetaMorphose’s experienced analysts, trainers, and recruiters first undergo an extensive evaluation process of a contracting business. The agency looks at the sales goals of a business and tries to determine more realistic short and long term sales points in relation to competing companies. MetaMorphose staff also provide B2B sales professionals, managers, and executives with the newest trends and systems to help improve a company’s sales performance. New technology, sales techniques, and business theories are provided by MetaMorphose staff to a company’s sales team to be implemented as part of a new action plan. B2B sales managers and executives receive training in organizational tools, resource optimization, and motivational techniques to get the most out of their staff. As well, MetaMorphose teaches sales teams to find new markets and encourage creative solutions to B2B sales issues. This B2B sales consultancy program also features long term coaching and assessment to ensure that sales performance is constantly on the rise.

MetaMorphose also provides top sales graduate recruits to businesses across dozens of United Kingdom industries. The MetaMorphose recruiting process begins with rigorous interviews and assessments to determine if a sales graduate would work well in the B2B sales environment. With a great attitude, strong work ethic, and intelligence in tow, an accepted B2B sales recruit receives the professional tools needed to succeed in the B2B sales profession. Based on a variety of factors, including recruit preference and business needs, MetaMorphose places sales graduates into positions where both employer and employee are satisfied. While many agencies would leave a company to assess and develop their contract and permanent staff, Metamorphose provides unparalleled service throughout a recruit’s career.

Scott Deane is the Managing Director of meta morphose International, the leader in graduate sales training.

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