Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What Does A Sales Professionals Need To Know About Information Technology?

What Does A Sales Professionals Need To Know About Information Technology? by Roger Dursley

Sales professionals just breaking into their careers may not be aware of the daily influence that information technology has on their job. After all, salespeople and managers are so focused on meeting their quotas that they don’t concern themselves with the tools of their job. However, information technology is pervasive in the sales field as companies turn toward more efficient business processes. Sales people need to use a variety of computer software programs in order to keep track of client contact information and sales figures. As well, sales professionals often use hand held PDAs and cellular phones in order to stay in touch with their colleagues and supervisors while in the field.

Graduates and young professionals breaking into the sales profession need to understand how deeply information technology reaches into their career. By simply reading job descriptions and going to job interviews, these professionals are missing out on the level of office technology used by a potential employer. Professionals interested in receiving detailed information about potential employers should consider using a job recruiting agency. One of the best in Europe is ITS European, which has been providing IT recruiting for end users and vendors alike for the last 15 years.

ITS European looks for a specific type of sales person to meet individual client needs. Sales professionals need to have good communication skills and the ability to work on multiple projects within the same day. The agency also looks for potential sales workers who demonstrate a commitment to the profession and have a versatile personality that allows them to deal with a diverse group of clients. Finally, the agency’s experienced recruiters have a keen eye for professionals who are technically savvy. In the modern workplace, sales people need to have at least basic computer skills in order to succeed.

ITS European works with both its recruits and clients in order to meet their specific needs. The specific recruiting campaigns that ITS European has created over its 15 years in business have meant a better connection between sales people and companies. These campaigns are common at universities and assembly halls, with agency recruiters meeting with potential workers face to face and providing an assessment of their skills within minutes. ITS European also provides consultancy services to their corporate clients in order to help them assess their technological and human resources needs. Consultations can help companies assess their sales goals, their hiring needs, and their overall business plan.

Roger Dursley, Managing Director of iTS European, the leader provider of IT jobs.

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