Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Business To Business Opportunities For Graduates

Business To Business Opportunities For Graduates by Scott Deane

Sales graduates fresh out of universities throughout the United Kingdom need to consider a career in business to business sales. Unlike traditional field sales, business to business sales positions offer graduates an opportunity to sell goods and services to companies of all sizes. An example of business to business sales would be a sales graduate who works at a pharmaceutical company selling prescription drugs to hospitals and pharmacies throughout the United Kingdom. While business to business opportunities for graduates can be lucrative and personally rewarding, the competition is high among sales graduates for these positions. Many graduates take it upon themselves to contact companies directly about business to business opportunities. While this can yield fine results, a polished CV and a positive demeanor won’t always distinguish graduates from their competitors. Working with a recruiting agency like MetaMorphose, one of the finest agencies in the United Kingdom, can help sales graduates get their foot in the door.

With twelve years of business to business recruiting experience, MetaMorphose offers a wealth of knowledge to their recruits from day one. Sales graduates interested in business to business opportunities are first put through a rigorous application process in which experienced recruits find the right candidates for open positions through MetaMorphose. While many recruiting agencies only select the most experienced or polished business to business professionals, MetaMorphose almost exclusively recruits inexperienced but talented sales graduates. These business to business recruits have great attitudes, strong work ethics, and other interpersonal skills that can’t be learned in the classroom or on the job.

The MetaMorphose sales training program gives these talented but young recruits the tools they need to succeed in the business to business field. Experienced trainers, guest speakers, and others who have experience in the sales profession give initial training sessions to recruits to prepare them for their first day of work. With sessions ranging from resource optimization to sales simulations, MetaMorphose offers a variety of professional tools that will help graduates succeed in their business to business positions. After sales graduates start their new positions, MetaMorphose continues monitoring their recruits and helping them develop into polished professionals. A range of professional development programs, sales coaching sessions, and assessments help MetaMorphose and the hiring company determine areas of weakness for individual sales graduates. For sales graduates interested in lucrative and rewarding positions throughout the United Kingdom, they should consider finding a business to business position through MetaMorphose.

Scott Deane is the Managing Director of meta morphose International, the leader providers of sales jobs.

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